Apporter la volonté à la pensée pendant l’adolescence

Apporter la volonté à la pensée pendant l’adolescence

« Apporter la volonté à la pensée pendant l’adolescence », c’est tout simplement le titre traduit de l’anglais de l’article « Bringing the will into thinking in adolescence » rédigé par Betty Staley.

Betty Staley dirige le Waldorf High School Teacher Education ainsi que des programmes pour les enseignants des écoles publiques. Éducatrice dans les écoles de pédagogie alternative Steiner-Waldorf depuis plus de trente ans du jardin d’enfant au lycée et pour la formation des enseignants. Elle est également une des fondatrices de l’école Sacramento Waldorf High School où elle a enseigné l’histoire et la littérature pendant 19 ans.

Apporter la volonté à la pensée pendant l’adolescence

Comme le titre l’indique, l’article, en anglais, traite développement de la volonté des adolescents dans les écoles alternatives de pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf.


As we teachers work with adolescents, we experience the changes they go through in relation to their thinking, feeling, and willing. With the freeing of the astral body, new possibilities occur which change the relationship between the adolescent and the world. It is as if the young person is thrown into the world without a sense of direction. Yet the world of the early 21st century is very different from the one we teachers entered during our own adolescence.

Our generation experienced the dropping of the atom bomb. From that time on, no generation in humanity would live in security; but there would always be the possibility that the earth could be destroyed. All the images from science fiction about the destruction of the planet could really come true. The movie The Last Day confronted our generation with the terrible things that could happen if there is nuclear war.

Today’s generation is living with just as much insecurity, but in a different way. There is not so much the fear that an enemy could use a bomb to destroy the earth, but that we ourselves, we human beings are destroying the earth through our life style, through our greed for energy, for material goods, and for comfort. We have not only affected the extinguishing of species, but we are responsible for changing climate and geography. This is the condition that our young people face today.

Such a condition has several different influences on an adolescent’s will forces. Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, is the movie of our students’ generation. Because it is being shown all over the world, adolescents in many countries are united in their awareness of this dire situation. What kind of influence does this have on their will forces?


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