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Welcome to Perceval School

Perceval School, was founded in 1957, and has about 400 pupils from pre-school to upper school.
The upper school pupils work towards the baccalaureat. The school is partially financed by the state and the local council (Mairie).
The Steiner-Waldorf School Movement unites 180,000 pupils from around 990 schools and 1,500 kindergartens worldwide. In France there are about 2,300 pupils in 21 schools and Jardins d’Enfants (pre-school age approx 3-5 years) . The Fédération des Ecoles Waldorf en France groups together the individual school associations.

Steiner-Waldorf education recognises the « whole child », the intellect, the emotions and the physical, which is sometimes expressed as « head, heart and hands ». Steiner–Waldorf education has 5 main objectives :

– Awaken and develop the creative abilities of each child.
– Encourage children to be independent at each stage of their development.
– Encourage children to develop as full members of society, confident and happy in their surroundings.
– Stimulate in pupils a desire to learn, based on lively teaching and artistic presentation of material.
– Offer pupils a wide range of activities, allowing children to develop their own talents, according to the individual nature of each child.

Each local educational establishment will have its own additional objectives and projects.

For more information about the Steiner-Waldorf Education, see

Creches (garderies)
There are two « garderies » which take care of children once classes have finished, one in the kindergarten (Jardin d’Enfants) and the other for the Primary school (primaire) up to 5th class. The opening times are :

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 4pm – 6.00pm Friday 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

« Morning at Perceval » a workshop for parents and children 
This workshop is for parents accompanied by their child/children up to three years old, who want to find out more about Steiner Waldorf education and enjoy a variety of activities with their babies and young children. This workshop takes place wednesdays (9am – 11.30am), in the welcoming atmosphere of the Jardin d’Enfants (Kindergarten).


School office

5, avenue d’Éprémesnil
78400 Chatou

Phone: +33 1 39 52 16 64

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School life

Monday, Tuesday : 8h30 – 12h30 / 14h00 – 17h00
Wednesday : 8h30 – 12h30
Thursday, Friday : 8h30 – 12h30 / 14h00 – 17h00

Classes begin at 8.30 am.
School finishes at different times, depending on which class your child is in. Check with the office or your child’s class teacher.

Children not eating lunch at the school canteen leave at 12.35 and can return to the school premises from 13.30, classes start at 13.50.

The school canteen provides balanced, healthy lunches, using good quality, and wherever possible organic, ingredients.

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